Foot Treatments - what is involved ?

trimming toe nails during a foot treatment in Norwich

A session of foot treatment usually consists of:
Cleansing the foot with antiseptic
Cutting and filing nails
Reducing thickened nails as required
Removing callous, hard skin , wherever it occurs
Polishing the skin to remove dry flaky skin and dead cells
Re-cleansing the feet and massaging in a nourishing cream

using a scalpel to remove hard skin during a foot treatment in Norwich

Other procedures may be carried out as and when they are needed. As your treatment proceeds I will give you a full explanation of what I am going to do, and why I'm doing it.

attention to cracked heels during a foot treatment in Norwich
For instance on the right, I am part way through treating cracked heels. One is completed and the other is not. Can you see the difference ?

the chiropody instruments are individually sterilised and packed ready for your treatment

All of my treatments are carried out using fully sterilised chiropody instruments which are sealed in a sterile pack and opened for you at the time of the treatment and used according to your individual needs.