Foot Health - Why look after our feet ?

Foot care in Norwich may keep your feet as pink as this

Well, most of us are born with perfect feet, causing us no problems at all and looking pink and cute! Babies are born with 26 bones made of soft cartilage which are easily damaged by poor fitting shoes. Our bones are still developing until we reach about 18 to 20 years old.

Common problems that occur in the foot may be due to the foot being in poorly fitting shoes which though comfortable may be squeezing the foot or causing pressure.   Here are some of the discomforts that may be affecting your feet.

attention to a callous during a foot treatment in Norwich


This is an accumulation of dead skin that has thickened and hardened over an area under pressure. It is the body’s mechanism to protect the underlying tissues from excessive friction and pressure.


attention to a corn during a foot treatment in Norwich
There are different types of corns. The most common is a hard corn and is a result of a focus of pressure within an area of callous over a bony prominence. A soft corn is usually found between the toes and again is a result of pressure but in a moist area. Tiny seed corns can appear on the soles of the foot. A corn develops a central cone which points into the foot, it can be as painful as a foreign body in the foot.

attention to athletes foot during a foot treatment in Norwich

Athletes Foot

This is a common fungal infection that occurs in about one in five adults. Moisture between the toes can be a breeding ground for the fungus. It can be itchy, red and scaly and can make the feet smell. It is easily treated.

Fungal infections

attention to a fungal infection during a foot treatment in Norwich
Nail fungus is the hardest to treat. The toenails turn yellow, brittle and can thicken. It can cause the nails to crumble. Regular and at times long periods of treatment will have an effect. Other fungal infections can appear as small spots resembling blisters creating a rash like effect. Scaly skin that is dry and red can also be an indication of fungal infection.

Ingrown toenails

Man (and woman) made! The most common place is the big toe and is a direct result of badly cut nails and tight fitting shoes. The toenail grows into the skin, piercing it and causing pain, swelling and at times infection. It is so important nails are correctly cut. Most people cut their nails too short and into the wrong shape. Repeated infections like this may lead to having to have the nail removed.

attention to verrucas during a foot treatment in Norwich


Plantar warts usually on the soles of the foot. Sometimes they are painful and other times they cause no discomfort at all. The pain usually comes from the single verruca which presses into the foot. Mosaic warts are small clusters and these are usually painless. They come and go in children but tend to linger in adults. There are many ways of treating these.