Lyn Storry  S.A.C. Dip FHP

lyn storry in norwich will make your foot care happy
I worked as a registered nurse in the National Health Service for nineteen years, working in several areas before finally choosing my specialty in Critical Care. I spent the final six years of my NHS hospital-based career working in the Norwich High Dependency Unit. I left the NHS in 2009.

As a nurse, I frequently encountered people whose feet caused them problems, for a variety of reasons. One of the most common problems is the inability to bend down in order to cut their toenails, or if able to cut them, knowing how to do it properly.

Back in the “good old days” of the NHS if a patient’s feet needed attention, the hospital's chiropodist or podiatrist was notified and they duly turned up to treat the patient at their bedside or indeed in their bed. Unfortunately, except for those with grave needs, people’s feet are no longer treated under NHS care.

It is hard to find a chiropody or podiatry person to come to your home to give regular foot treatment. I was aware of this and that is why and I trained to treat feet and chose to be a mobile foot care specialist and come into your home.

I trained with Stonebridge College, which has an excellent reputation and very high standards, where I gained Diplomas in both Theory and Practical Foot Health Care. I revisited the anatomy and physiology of the leg and foot which renewed my understanding of the conditions that can cause foot health problems.

I am very happy to come to your home to treat your feet at any time that suits you, and together we can arrange regular follow-up visits to keep your Feet Happy. I work to a very high standard bringing with me equipment that has been individually sterilized and wrapped in accordance with EU standards.

So all you now need to do is contact me, and together, we'll get, and keep, your Feet Happy !